List of available Boki products

15-18 mm ( 1:100 ) Napoleonics

FR-0000 Napoleon Buonaparte. NEW!
FR-0001 Joachim Murat. Resculpted for new horses.
FR-0002 Revolutionary French Line Infantry. Old sets with casquettes. Obsolete but available.
FR-0003 Revolutionary French Light Infantry & Legions.Obsolete but available.
FR-0004 French Guard Eclaireurs 2nd Regiment.
FR-0005 French Revolutionary Drum Band. NEW!
FR-0006 French Mounted Guard Gendarmes.
FR-0007 French Revolutionary Les "Savages" Bleus.
FR-0008 French Infantry 1806-1812.
FR-0015 French Revolutionary Period Generals. (Growing range) NEW!
FR-0009 French Revolutionary Infantry Command w Hats. NEW!
FR-0010 French Revolutionary Line Infantry. Casquettes Parade Troops. NEW!
FR-0011 French Revolutionary Line Infantry. Casquettes Campaign Troops. NEW!
FR-0012 French Revolutionary Line Infantry. Hats Campaign Troops. NEW!
FR-0013 French Revolutionary Line Infantry. Hats Parade Troops. NEW!
FR-0014 French Revolutionary Chasseur-a-Cheval. NEW!
FR-0016 French Revolutionary Line Cavalry. NEW!
FR-0017 French Revolutionary Skirmishers. NEW!
FR-0018 French Revolutionary Infantry Command w Fur caps. NEW!
FR-0019 French Revolutionary Infantry Command w Casquettes. NEW!

BR-0001 - British East Indian Company SEPOYS.
BR-0002 - 1792 British Infantry.
BR-0004 - 1792 British Light Infantry Coys. NEW!
BR-0003 - Pre-1796 British Light Dragoons. NEW!
BR-0005 - British Generals. NEW!
BR-0006 - Early British Dragoons. NEW!
BR-0007 - Early British Artillery. NEW!

AU-0002 - Pre-1798 Austrian Dragoons. (Old horses)
AU-0011 - Early Austrian Jäger with Kasket.
AU-0012 - Early Austrian Jäger with Hats.
AU-0013 - Early Austrian Infantry. NEW!
AU-0014 - Early Austrian Grenadiers. NEW!
AU-0015 - Early Austrian Command. NEW!

PR-0002 - Prussian Towarzcys 1806.
PR-0003 - Prussian Infantry 1792.

BA-0001 - Bavarian Infantry 1792.

HE-0001 - Hessian Infantry 1792.

IT-0001 - Italian Gardes d'Honneur. (Old horses)
IT-0002 - Piedmont-Sardinian Infantry. NEW!

PO-0001 - Krakus cavalry.
PO-0002 - Lithuanian Tartars.

HO-0001 - 1793 Dutch Infantry.

SP-0001 - 1794 Spanish Infantry.

OT-0001 - Nizam-i-Jedid.

RU-0011 - Russian mounted Generals, Borodino 1812. Resculpted for new horses.
RU-0013 - Russian Staff, Kutuzov and 8 ADC. Borodino 1812. Resculpted for new horses.
RU-0014 - Kutuzov and Masha. Borodino 1812.
RU-0015 - Unmounted Russian Generals. Borodino 1812.
RU-0020 - Guard Cossacks. Borodino 1812.
RU-0021 - Constantine Uhlans, Austerlitz 1805. NEW!
RU-0001 - Russian Grenadiers 1809-1815, Borodino 1812.
RU-0005 - Musketeers 1802-1805 Austerlitz. NEW!
RU-0003 - Suvorov. Supporting figure. NEW!
RU-0004 - Suvorov in Italy Line Infantry 1799. NEW!

SBH2 - 2nd Generation Horses.

15-18 mm ( 1:100 ) before Napoleonics

RU-0601 - Mid 17th Century Muscovites Infantry Command and Cannoniers.
RU-0602 - Mid 17th Century Muscovites Infantry. Strelets and Soldats.
RU-0603 - Mid 17th Century Muscovites Cavalry. Pomestnye and Reitars.

RU-0501 - Mid 16th Century Muscovites. Cavalry and Siege Infantry.

10 mm ( 1:150 ) Napoleonics

FR-1001 - French Infantry 1813-1815.
FR-1005 - French Grenadiers 1813-1815.
FR-1004 - French Infantry 1806-1812.
FR-1002 - French Infantry w Overcoats 1806-1815.
FR-1003 - French Old Guard w Overcoats.

BR-1001 - British Infantry 1815.

PR-1001 - Prussian Infantry 1808-1815.
PR-1002 - Prussian Landwehr 1813-1815.
PR-1003 - Prussian Hussars 1815. NEW!
PR-1004 - Prussian Uhlans and Landwehr Cavalry 1815. NEW!

RU-1001 - Russian Musketeers 1809-1815.
RU-1002 - Russian Grenadiers 1811-1815.

SB10H - 10mm Horses. NEW!

8 mm ( 1:200 ) - Figures for Perry TravelBattle.

FR-8006 - French Cuirassieurs and Carabiniers.
FR-8005 - French Skirmisher.

FR-8001 - French Old Guard Grenadiers. SOLD OUT!
FR-8002 - French Old Guard Chasseurs. SOLD OUT!
FR-8003 - French Line and Light Infantry. SOLD OUT!

6 mm ( 1:250 ) Napoleonics

FR-6001 - French Infantry 1806-1812.


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