Request for sculpting and producing 1:100 (15(18)mm) or smaller human historical military figures


I discovered, that there are many individuals who wanted some special figs, not covered yet by any producer.
They don't want to get sculpted masterfigures and then produce this figs by himself,
but they want to pay for possibility to bought this figures somewhere.

I got several similar offers and I am ready to use this segment of market and fulfill such expectations.

Ordering terms

1. You must accept, that I am very slow, your order takes place on the end of schedule and you possible may buy the final product after year.
2. Your payment only means, that you cause or hurry up the production of requested figures. You don't get any rights about them.
3. You must be able to cover ordered figs with historical background about uniforms, in case if I am unfamiliar with subject.
4. History ends with Waterloo. No sculpts after 1815.
5. Before ordering contact with me by e-mail and coordinate order.
6. Don't order figs in same time with order of Request, otherwise the shipping cost may be wrong.

Request Price for one figure is 50 €