In Schedule

Pre-1789 Austrian J├Ągers
Russian Borodino Cavalry Generals
French Guard Gendarmes additions
Bavarians in Rumford Uniforms
1793-1795 Dutch Infantry

In Mind

Suvorov's troops against Ottoman
Austrian Infantry against Ottoman
Suvorov's troops against French
French Guard Eclaireurs 1st and 3rd Regiments
Piemontese/Sardinian Infantry
French Guard Tartars

Releases History

1792 Hessians
10mm Prussian 1808-1815 Infantry troops
1794 Spanish Infantry
10mm French 1813-1815 Infantry troops in Bardin
Pre-1798 Austrian Dragoon troopers

1792 Prussian Infantry
1792 British Infantry
East Indian Company Sepoys
French Revolutionary Les Bleus
Ottoman Nizam-i-Jedid
French Guard Gendarmes
Italian Gardes d'Honneur
16th Century Muscovites
10mm started

French Guard Eclaireurs 2nd Regiment
French Revolutionary Infantry with Casquettes (legere, legions)
8mm French Line & Light Infantry
6mm Russian Cuirassieurs

17th Century Muscovites Cavalry
French Revolutionary Infantry with Casquettes (parade, campaign)
Austrian pre-1789 Dragoons
Last Murats
8mm French Old Guard Grenadiers & Chasseurs

17th Century Muscovites Infantry
Kutuzov & ADC
New Prussian Towarzcys
Krakus Cavalry
Guard Cossacks
Austrian pre-1789 Cavalry
6mm Russian Borodino Infantry
6mm Austrian pre-1789 Infantry

Russian Borodino Generals
Russian Borodino Infantry
6mm started

Prussian Towarzcys
First Murats