French armored cavalry is released, Cuirassieurs and Carabiniers.


I've produced some 8mm sets before, but these were bigger than Perry TravelBattle ones. Now that I had in my hands proper Perry figures, I can produce additional 8mm figures for those who have created armies with Perry 8mm figures. Sculpted masters will be in proper Perry sizes but, after molding and casting, they will grow a little bit. Still significantly smaller than my old 8mm figures. First ones are new skirmishers.

I sculpted my own horses with exact match with Perry dimensions and silhouettes and here are the first result - cuirassieur.
Intended to use in both ways - as sunked to Perry bases by wedge under the figures base and as usual figure when the wedge will be cut off.
Figure have additional personal base and a slightly taller trooper, so it is higher than Perry figures. But lower when used on thinner flat bases as usual figure.