10mm trotting horses are casted and Russian 1811-1815 Grenadiers are available.
These horses are not cheap, 0.55 EUR per piece, but their point is that you may build up bases with them and for every wargame put on horses different troopers.


First 10mm trotting horse sculpt near 1:100 horse.


New silicone works! Several new 10mm sets released.


From master metal horse doll are developed dolls for different sizes of horses.
Line Cavalry horse, Light Cavalry horse and Pony dolls.
For ponies must be developed the new rider doll on higher cossack sadle also.
And before next moulding horse dolls must get heads.


Casting the production masters succeeded today.
But figures with greatcoats comes heavier than 1 gram per figure.
So these figures will be cost more than usual 0.20 EUR per figure.
But overall they looks appealing and go to production.

Also I started to create dolls for developing Cavalry troopers and mounted Officers.
I try to do like in 15mm, with separated men and horses.