New silicone works! The first new 6mm set released.


Casting the production masters failed today. Some casted well, some not.
But main thing is - I don't achieved my goal - less than 1 gram of metal per base, to drop price per 3 figures below 0.20 EUR.
The majority of figures are heavier, especially the converted ones.
Also in this scale it is clearly visible the size grow of converted figures after several moulding.
This will significantly slow down my 6mm projects.


Testcasting of trios succeeded today. All bayonets casted well.
So it is decided, I return to producing my 6mm figures.

Production Plans

I prepared some trios from my old scupts and will make moulds for them.
From left to right:
Waterloo British: Highlanders, Stovepipe shakos, Belgic shakos.
Early Austrians: Grenadiers, Musketeers.
French: Old Guard Grenadiers, Middle Guard Fusiliers, 1813-1815 Infantry, 1806-1812 Infantry, Bicorne Infantry.
Russian Grenadiers.