Price changes.

Inflation got me at last. After costs for silicone and power were doubled and tripled, now also my metal supplier doubled their prices for metal.
So my prices will grow now about 1/5. 1:100 human figures will cost 1.10 EUR and horses 1.90 EUR.
Horses and new sets at first and then others as already casted sets in stock will be sold and new casts with new metal appear.

Postages or, more specifically, selling expenses.

As I wrote in my previous post, I reworked my postage prices.
After first two 40 EUR steps in order the steps are doubled (80 EUR) so postages are halved.

Some thoughts about postages, as situation in World are changed.

When I started selling the figures, I have few of them and the parcels were small. I took the Post Office weight limits, correlated them with the average weight of my figures and got a 40 EUR steps. Also these 40 EUR parcels were insured by Post in the event of loss.

I set the price of my 1:100 figures at 0.90 EUR, which was even higher than AB. I did it aiming to future, when other producers will rise their prices thanks to inflation etc. That time has come. The price of cheap metal went up and Brexit did its part. Now my infantry figures are cheaper than AB’s. I used very expensive materials at the beginning and the increase in their price wasn’t as noticeable as in the case of cheeper ones. So my prices remain intact and are now competitive.

As result, previously rare parcels over three 40 EUR steps becomes average and that causes some trouble. At first my simple rule “the same amount of postages per every 40 EUR in order” results with unnecessary high postages, because Post Office prices don’t rise so drastically. So I will rework my postage prices for next year.

But another thing is, that Post still insure only part of my first 40 EUR step. So it is gambling for you. If Post lost big parcel, you lost your money, as my part of deal is fulfilled, when I post figures. Fortunately, I haven't lost a single package yet. One parcel was returned to me and one was broken, but no lost ones. But it can happen.

Right now information about two August-September parcels to US are missing and these are not delivered yet. And as US, GB and Australian Posts don’t allow us to track the route of the package, the only option is to ask our Post that they ask these Posts to track and report. And this inquiry is only possible after one month of expected delivery time and allowed response time is up to two months. So a lot of trouble and worry.

Post raises its prices

Our Post announces that on the end of May they will raise its prices up to 40%.
So from last week of May our Shipping cost will rise as well.
From 9 EUR to 12 EUR per every 40 EUR in Order.

eBoki OÜ created

New company will manage orders from EU. Nothing changes for customers beside the postage cost dropped for all.
From 9.66 EUR to 9 EUR per every 40 EUR in Order.
EU customers may now also order me to sculpt and produce their desired figure(s) for 50 EUR instead of previous 60 EUR, like all others in the World.