Manufacturer at last

So I get all my spincasting machinery and are now capable to producing figures on professional level.
After practicing I may say, that mould quality goes up, casting speed goes up and rate of successful castings goes up too.
Consequence - selling prices goes down.

And all customers, who supported me with my efforts, buying some sets before August 2014, goes to Gold Clients, Old Guard, and I will compensate them the high price of first gravity casting sets with some bonuses in next orders.

Tomorrow (2014-08-11) there will be on sale improved Murats
(1.Limited edition of Murats are sold out and few remaining in stock sets are melted and reused)
and first set of Russian generals.

Second spincast mould will replace the Russian infantry set after couple of week. And third mould will be dedicated to 6mm figures.

So now I start sculpt as in hell. Producing and selling miniatures will be my only income.