Fictional Napoleonics Summer Campaign in Estland

Boki EMPEROR Rules

Initial positions.

Austrian and Russian troops agreed to invade against Napoleon on 1st Day of Month.
Prussians will observe and intervene only after two victory point towns from three (Pärnu, Viljandi, Tartu) are definitely fallen.
Russian troops don't take orders from Austrian Chief Commander and moves independently toward Tartu but may co-operate.

Campaign last 30 days.

Allies win, if they capture and hold all victory point towns - Pärnu, Viljandi, Tartu, Narva and Paide.
Napoleon have tie, if he hold Paide and at least one another victory point town, and win, if he hold all victory point towns plus Valga and Võru.

At beginning Napoleon have most of his troops on camps around Tallinn, preparing for invasion to British conquered Finland.
No more than 1/4 of his troops may be used to man garrisons on marked areas.

Prussians (PR) and Russians (RU) start from respectively marked areas.
Austrian troops will be divided to areas marked with red by Austrian Chief Commander.

Players act as Corps Commanders and one of them from each side also act as Chief Commander.
So more players means more troops on table. Relation of forces is: FR 20, AU 15, RU 10, PR 10.

One Turn is one day, with reaction point on middle of turn.
Used movement rates are taken from Bruce Quarrie.

Each player have his hidden staff page, like this..


FML Kienmayer

Day 5

Kienmayer's battle plan:
2.Inf charges the enemy.
1.Inf moves in maneuvre column through roads in forest to behind the French, trying to capture the bridge over Ura river.
After enemy retires, 1.Cav pursues through main road.

Day 4

Cavalry screen reports: Approximately 5000 strong French Division defends Uulu.

Kienmayer orders: Infantry continues moving and line up against enemy, 1.Inf on left and 2.Inf on right. Cavalry in reserve.

Letter to Commander-in-Chief: "Your Excellency. French Division defend Uulu, our 1.Column will charge them on Day 5. Your Kinmayer, 06:00 Day 4."