Christmas Offer

for sculpting and producing 1:100 (15mm) Infantry Unit(s)


I am very slow and long time I searched the way to make the producing of figures quicker.
So this is my latest attempt to produce mass armies.
Three command figures and one trooper pose with different faces and equipment.

I plan to release at least four sets of Mass Army at same time in spring of 2018.
So this is possibility to order your special Unit to produce.

Ordering terms

1. Offer ends, when dolls are moulded and casted and I will start to sculpt sets. Probably in middle of January.
2. Your payment only means, that you cause the production of requested Unit(s). You don't get any rights about them.
3. You must be able to cover ordered Unit(s) with historical background about uniforms, in case if I am unfamiliar with subject.
4. History ends with Waterloo. No sculpts after 1815.
5. Before ordering contact with me by e-mail and coordinate order.
6. Don't order figs in same time with Christmas Offer, otherwise the shipping cost may be wrong.

Price for one Unit - 96 EUR.