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1:100 (15mm - 18mm) figures

If you want another configuration than I offer by default, just e-mail me.

French Army

Revolutionary and Napoleon's Forces and Generals. NEW items.

British Army

British Forces and Generals. NEW!

Austrian Army

Austrian Forces and Generals.

Prussian Army

Prussian Forces and Generals. NEW items.

Russian Army

Czar's Forces and Generals. NEW items.

Polish Troops

Polish Forces and Generals.

Italian Troops

Italian Forces and Generals. NEW!

Ottoman Troops

Ottoman Forces and Generals. NEW!

17th Century

Figures for period 1600-1700.

16th Century

Figures for period 1500-1600. NEW!

Random Figures

If you need couple more figures than sets contains.

Sculpting Requests

Sculpting Request
for 1:100 or smaller figures

Special offer for gourmands and impatients.