EMPEROR Units description

All information placed on game table, only few charts on paper.

Infantry Units

Unit troopers - on 4 bases. 3 figures on each. Players may build bigger 4 bases with this blocks.

Officers. Units 3 lives or hitpoints before collapsing. In armies with double flag system one officer may be presented as regimental flagbearer.
Flagbearer (Eagle, King Color) - moral, high control by officers. Drummer - formation order, lower control by NCO.
NCO - ammo for massive fire on one turn.
Skirmishers (skirmish phase shots) and Casualties (marked the place on table, where Unit lost his live(s)). Optional, for visual beauty.

Colonel. Mounted officer have Unit's description panel on back of his base. Type, Drill, Experience and Moral values.

Position of bases determines units formation - line, maneuvre column. Classical linear warfare formations.

Battle column, masse (no formation, mob, natives), square.

Full unit, 1200 men max. 5cm or 2 inches on table are Basic Distance (BD) = 200m.