FR-0001 Joachim Murat 1:100 (18mm)

9 figures without horses
8.10 EUR

From left to right..

ABH - suitable for AB horses:
Murat "in Winter", 1806-1807.
Murat "in Spring", 1805-1807.
Murat "in Summer", "Grand Admiral", Heilsberg&Tilsit 1807. Charging ..
.. and standing.
Murat "in Autumn", Gutersdorf 1805, Jena 1806.
Ordinary general in Winter overcoat (or Michel Ney in Moscow campaign 1812).

SBH - suitable for BOKI horses and all other horses on market:
Murat at Borodino 1812 NEW!
King of Neapol 1815 NEW!
Murat at Marengo 1800 NEW!

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Murat Set


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