List of Boki products

15-18 mm ( 1:100 )

FR-0001 Joachim Murat.
FR-0002 Revolutionary French Line Infantry.
FR-0003 Revolutionary French Light Infantry & Legions.
FR-0004 French Guard Eclaireurs 2nd Regiment. NEW!
FR-0005 French Revolutionary Drum maior. NEW!
FR-0006 French Mounted Guard Gendarmes. NEW!

IT-0001 - Italian Gardes d'Honneur. NEW!

BR-0001 - British East Indian Company SEPOYS. NEW!
BR-0002 - 1792 British Infantry. NEW!

AU-7001 - Pre-1798 Austrian Cuirassieurs with Bicornes.
AU-7002 - Pre-1798 Austrian Dragoons.
AU-7003 - Pre-1798 Austrian Chevaulegers with peaked caps.
AU-7004 - Pre-1798 Austrian Cuirassieurs with Helmet. Turkish front.
AU-7005 - Pre-1798 Austrian Cuirassieurs with Tricornes.
AU-7006 - Pre-1798 Austrian Dragoons with Tricornes.
AU-7007 - Pre-1798 Austrian Chevaulegers with peakless caps.
AU-7010 - Pre-1798 Austrian Infantry Officers.
AU-7011 - Pre-1798 Austrian Jägers. (Not available yet) (Sculpting will start soon)

PR-0002 - Prussian Towarzcys 1806.
PR-0003 - Prussian Infantry 1792. NEW!

PO-0001 - Krakus cavalry.

OT-0001 - Nizam-i-Jedid. NEW!

RU-0010 - Russian Generals, Borodino 1812. Set 1. Barclay de Tolly, Bagration, Miloradovich, Raievski, Borozdin, Tutchkov.
RU-0011 - Russian Generals, Borodino 1812. Set 2. Bennigsen, Baggovout, Osterman-Tolstoi, Ermolov, Dohturov, Saint-Priest.
RU-0013 - Russian Staff, Kutuzov and 8 ADC. Borodino 1812.
RU-0014 - Kutuzov and Masha. Borodino 1812. NEW!
RU-0015 - Unmounted Russian Generals. Borodino 1812.
RU-0020 - Guard Cossacks. Borodino 1812.
RU-0001 - Russian Grenadiers 1809-1815, Borodino 1812. Resculpted Old Set!

15-18 mm ( 1:100 ) not napoleonics

RU-0601 - Mid 17th Century Muscovites Infantry Command and Cannoniers.
RU-0602 - Mid 17th Century Muscovites Infantry. Strelets and Soldats.
RU-0603 - Mid 17th Century Muscovites Cavalry. Pomestnye and Reitars.

RU-0501 - Mid 16th Century Muscovites. Cavalry and Siege Infantry. NEW!