Quick-play rules with EMPEROR engine.

Main EMPEROR rules are written down but may be luxury for some players.
So I started to build up quick version of EMPEROR, where two players may finish Waterloo less than one hour, with big 6cm bases.
One such base is full Division.
Number of needed figures decreased 4-5 times and table space decreased 2 times.
Artillery merged with Divisions and may separately act only in Grand Batteries.
Brigade and Divisional Generals disappeared and Chain-of-Command consist only with 3 levels: Overall Commander, Corps Commanders and link between them.

Testgame Waterloo 11:00 - 15:00


Last night I played Waterloo testgame by these rules. One flank on night and another flank in morning. I havent troops for all actions at once and no cavalry at all, so only infantry involved and Old Guard act as British troops.

At 11:00 French Grand battery open the fire against poor Belgians. Fire continues several turns, until ammo ends.
Then Ney try to activate d'Erlon and first bug detected - I forgotted to adapt Chain-of-Command to new timeline and this takes too much times to transfer orders. Correcting is simple, but I continued with old terms to the end of game. So now Picton has plenty of time to restore Bylandt.

At last d'Erlon moves and Durutte reached battlecontact with Saxe-Weimar.

Other Divisions followed soon and at 13:00 bloody firefight begins.
Arillery, skirmishers and even line fire.

Casualties mounted..

..and at some point Saxe-weimar, Bylandt and Ompteda were routed and Quiot takes La-Haie-Sainte.
Picton moves his brigades forward against Donzelot, and Nassauers cover the centre after Ompteda was killed.
Ney succeeded to give Charge order to Donzelot and Marcognet..

..but Charge was unsuccessful. Ney was wounded and second later saved from to be killed.
Marcognet was pushed back and Donzelot was destroyed completely by superior Scots.
Also was routed Quiot. Protection from village don't helped them against close caronnade from Nassauers and Alten.

At 15:00 d'Erlons attack was ended.
After restoring the remnants, Corps may seriously threat the flank of Picton, when reserves, Lobau and Bachely, pin the center.
But Prussians arrive..

On the another flank Reille assaulted Hougoumount.

Jerome Charged and Foy supported.
But first attack was repulsed.

When Jerome restored, Foy Charged after long firefight.
And another failure.
British Guards stood as rock. But they reached their limits.

And after short break French closing again.
Guard cannot take anymore hits and routed.
Also was killed ADC from Orange.

Meantime Hill was turned Halkett against the Hougoumont..
.. and Jerome continues his Charge against him. Unsuccessfully.

Hougoumount was taken by French and both sides restored.
Until Hill don't try to recapture Hougoumont, fighting stops here also.

British right wing at 15:00.

I am more than happy with testing results.
Chain-of-Command is corrected and next test must be with Cavalry involved.

Less than 20 game units per side for full Waterloo, less than hour or two to play and all info about Units status on table.
Quick game fans must be pleased.