Worktable News

June-July 2016

A - 1:100 pre-1798 Austrian Cavalry Officer conversions.

B - Resculpted 1:100 Bagration.

C - 1:100 Revolutionary French Infantry. Casquettes, houppes and long trousers.

D - New 1:100 Murats on table. Borodino, Marengo and Italy.

E - Russian Borodino Infantry conversions to 1:100.

F - First dolls for action figures.

G - 1:100 Revolutionary French Infantry. Casquettes, plumes and long gaiters. (Available)

H - 1:100 Revolutionary French Light Infantry / Legions. Casquettes, plumes, epaulettes and short gaiters.

I - 1:100 Revolutionary French Infantry. Corrected legs positions.

J - 15mm 16th century muscovites line started.

May 2016

6mm pre-1798 Austrian Infantry and Grenadier Units both ready and available.

15mm 17th century muscovites all finished and available.

8mm (1:200) Waterloo 1815 French Old Guard Grenadier and Chasseur Units ready and available.

April 2016

A - 6mm pre-1798 Austrian Infantry Unit ready and available. Grenadier Unit will follow.

B - 8mm (1:200) Waterloo 1815 French Old Guard Grenadier Unit moulded. Mould himself works perfectly but thanks to silicone failures there are some weird flash. So I must make the mould again.

C - 15mm 17th century muscovites cavalry started to fit in mould. Will be available on May.

March 2016

A - Change of plans.
After accumulating casting experiences, I try again with 6mm.
Early Austrian Infantry Unit. Must finish NCO, casualties, skirmisher and grenadier command figures.
If casting this set will be successful, I will continue with 6mm lines too. There are many sculpted troopers waiting for command figures.

B - 17th century muscovites cavalry are nearly finished. Probably will be available on April.

Also I prepared a lot of basic dolls for future, but these are not showed on photo.

February 2016

A - Pre-1798 Austrian Command in AB scale available.
B - Commands with tricornes are sculpted but wait for sculpting some more officers.

C - 15mm Muscovites cavalry. Poses are fixed.

D - 1:200 (8mm) new Guard Command figures sculpted.
E - 6mm pre-1798 Austrian Infantry Command wait for moulding.

F - 1:200 (8mm) Old Guard Chasseurs casted, but production mould don't work perfectly and must be redone.

G - 1:200 French cannons sculpted. Big (12") gun for Heavy Batteries,
G1 - in transport position,
G2 - medium (6") gun for Foot and Horse Batteries,
G3 - small (4") gun for regimental artillery.

January 2016

Austrian Cavalry Command are first thing I see on every morning. Trumpeters are almost ready.

Most progress I achieved with 1:200 (8mm) line. Now I have 2 horse poses on metal, have first fully successful casting of wheels and continue with artillery. Test castings of Old Guard goes well and production mould for grenadiers and chasseurs troopers will be ready soon. Converting line troopers to Young Guard started.

Muscovites Cavalry 1650 started too and develop well.