Dollmaking continues

Next attempt to produce 6mm

First doll who survives preparations.
Not finished yet, but I have concept to try.

Casting with my first 6mm production mould

I casted today until mould broked. Not badly but can't continue until repaired.
Casting goes well, success rate is 40-50%. Not bad if I cast for myself, but not acceptable for producing for sale.
And even with 100% success producing 6mm chaps are not comparable with producing 15mm chaps.
6mm sculpting time are comparatively short, but this is one time charge. Casting time are more essential.
10 minutes of 15mm casting are equal with 2-3 hours of 6mm casting in terms of earnings.
So producing 6mm are not competitive and sustainable.

I love 6mm and continue to sculpt and cast 6mm figs, but must reconsider the selling strategy.
The mass production are'nt the way.


Paulalba asks - how about artillery?
Not very well. Artillery equipment casted badly with this mould, too many flash. New mould needed.
So only infantry will be in first sets. Btw, there are casualty markers too in set, not showed on picture.

Almost ready for selling

Very limited edition of 30 sets (as on picture, but unpainted). Packed and ready, but some background works must be done before.

Flash problem

From left to right.. strips with flash, cleared strips.
First production mould for 6mm are ready. I play with different casting pressure and speed, and results come better and better, but some amount of flash stay.
Flash are easily removable even by fingernail. But if I must manually remove this flash strip by strip, then there are no sense to sell these figs.
I do not know what to do.

2015-03-01 Problem solved

Contrary to all manuals, instructions and knowledge.. who all says, that tiny details need more spinning speed and pressure..
the flash disappears when 6mm figures mould rotation speed and pressure are lowered down to only half of 18mm figures mould speed and pressure.
Quality of figures remain the same.