AB 15(18)mm

AB (Anthony Barton) is sculptor whose 15mm miniature soldiers are rightfully concidered to be the bests in the world.
They are a bit out of scale (18 mm instead of 15) and twice as expensive but still good value. As there are no comparable competitors and AB covers practically all napoleonic period and powers there's no need to look elsewhere. A good reason to take a closer look is that the homepages of producer and those of his resellers don't present the full selection of the figures available. Of course neither can we reflect the full collection - only to the extent that we own them.
In Europe AB miniatures may be bought at "Fighting 15s" (see the banner below).

AB Horses

AB mostly offer horses and riders separately.
Horses are divided into moving and standing heavy and light cavalry horses,
general staff horses, mameluke and cossack horses.